Changes are afoot at Su-do Systems, and I am excited to bring you in to the fold.

From 31 October 2021 we started a conversation with our customers about long-term opportunities and the strategic direction of our business and theirs. In the time since, we have implemented a flurry of automation, productivity, and efficiency improvements to set our customers on track to achieve their 24-60 month goals.

Many of you have pushed forward and directed the force of change within your organisations, it has been my pleasure to guide and participate in this process, and to see the fruits of our labour transforming the way you work. The prospect of losing the 24/7 support our customers have come to rely upon has been in some cases the necessary impetus for renewed investment into technology, relationships, and finalisation of projects.

I want to personally thank you all for the offers of support, for the faith you have shown in me, and particularly the offers of ongoing employment. I have been operating this business in one form or another since I was 17 years old, and it is my plan to operate this business for the rest of my life however it is time for this business to morph once again.

Existing customers will already know, I have recently accepted a full-time position at an iconic Australian business, in the manufacturing industry. Those of you unlucky enough to hear my economic musings know that I have plotted two waypoints in Australia’s future, the first being that recycling and reclaimation will be the fastest growing industry in this country over the next decade. The second, more importantly, is that the long-term safety and security of the Australian economy hinges on the success and support, of the local, Australian manufacturing industry.

I am genuinely excited about this new role, but it means that we will shortly become unable to provide a great deal of our products and services going forward. Prior to the publication of this message all existing customers have been contacted, and the future and continuity of their services assured, all contractual obligations will continue to be fulfilled. We may still be able to continue to operate some services in the future however what is important for me to convey is that I have made a strong commitment to my new employer. During office hours, and even outside of office hours, I have made a commitment that my main focus will be tasks and projects I take on as an employee. This will mean that I will no longer be able to attend on-site, I will no longer be able to personally answer the majority of your enquiries, and that we have begun the process of migrating your services to other members of our professional network, in many cases, to other local Australian businesses.

The door is always open. Please do not hesitate to contact me. If you wish to follow my professional development further, please check out my personal website at

Thank you again,


Our core business is efficiency

We strive to create and implement efficiency modifications to workflows that transform the way your business consumes resources. A few tiny modifications to the way your business operates can often bear a 5-10% surplus in human resources. Imagine what you and your staff could accomplish with 10% more time, imagine what your business might look like with 5% more time, after one year.

… and robots are really efficient.

Technology has already transformed the way we all do business however not all businesses are utilising even the most seasoned of Robot Workers. Huge swathes of traditional work can now be automated or delegated to robots who are technically still quite dumb, will surprise you. We have tested and operated a range of seasoned robots that have been helping businesses already for a number of years, and that are available for immediate deployment.

We provide:

We provide:

Technology Support and Guidance

Support for any existing/legacy systems and system design through to implementation. Virtual Drop-in Chief Technology Officer for your organisation.

Business and Administration Support

Experienced management support for side-hussles through to enterprise capability.

Access to our existing capability

Our existing infrastructure is scalable and ready to serve.

A strategic ally

We’re experienced operators with access to a wide range of tools and contacts who aim to be your reliable right hand.


Tech, Finance, Corporate Governance. Our extended professional network includes trusted, creative and industrial designers, software engineers, and wise counsel.

Originally founded in 2009 as a consultancy but now a team of post transition digital architects, formally a team of figurative firefighters, su-do systems is an remote, agile ally, operating primarily in South East Queensland.

Our Company stands ready to immediately provide significant lasting value to every client.




New Swatch

We have some new colour around the place. We have two new swatches, tha-gees and tha-gees-JP, in house designs from the MD.

Contact Us

We run a very tight ship and whilst we have a number of products that are ready for immediate deployment we simply cannot work with everyone, every time. It may be that we are time constrained for a period of time, the project does not suit our makeup or we feel one of our colleagues or partners are better equipped to tackle the task at hand.

We invite you to get in touch at any time, for any reason, however we are not currently able to accept new clients.