We can provide support for the design and implementation of all types of cryptographic systems.

Every one of us is using encryption hundreds of times in a day, this very page is encrypted. When security forms a critical part of your strategy, understanding, not just deploying encryption is the most important tool in your arsenal.

We regularly help businesses deploy end-to-end encrypted communications systems to ensure that no one can snoop upon commercial secrets. We manage the encryption of all of the web resources in our network on a day-to-day basis. We have been employed to assist with the creation of securely encrypted data for long-term storage such as highly confidential documents to only be decrypted upon a client’s death, or for regulatory compliance.

Many times we have been tasked with ensuring that full disk encryption is properly implemented for secure organisations, ensuring that data is encrypted both in transit, and at rest.

Often we are tasked with attempting to decrypt, or penetrate poorly designed systems, or systems where the keys have been lost or destroyed, such as a disk crash, or lost cryptocurrency keys.

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From our Acropolis brief:

Our RNG: We sometimes receive requests for key pairs. We can provide large quantum generated random keys however we only exchange such keys in person. Please send us an email with your requirements before phoning us regarding key exchange!

Good keys provide a firm base from which to build any secure system. Obtaining keys for highly secure systems is not a hard task. Email us, we will get it done or trust someone in your local area that can help you.