Bitcoin Bookkeeping

We are able to provide long-term cryptocurrency bookkeeping including Bitcoin for businesses and individuals in three main ways:


General training about securing (aka not losing) cryptocurrencies including cold/offline storage set-up, hot wallets, how to accept or spend, advice to organisations who wish to hold cryptocurrency assets on their balance sheets or accept cryptocurrencies for goods and services.

Funds Management

Custody, payments, or reconciliations of cryptocurrency accounts including crypto accounts payable/receivable. We are able to provide complete drop-in crypto (Bitcoin Bookkeeping) support for enterprises provided your CFO/accountant is on-board with adoption.

Tracking and record keeping

For transparent assets like Bitcoin any person can freely see all transactions including sending and receiving parties (wallets). Combined with your cryptocurrency purchases register we track and analyse all transactions, respond to queries relating to taxable cryptocurrency events, capital gains, costs and fees transactions, retrospective point-in-time crypto-AUD conversion/calculation.

Bitcoin Bookkeeping is a complex and tailored system, we’re excited for organisations that are looking at first stage cryptocurrency adoption. For a friendly conversation about how we recommend users or businesses start to interact with cryptocurrencies, just get in touch and schedule a 30 minute call.

For most of our tech savvy customers we recommend starting with ‘’s Getting Started‘ where most of the basic concepts are introduced in an easy to understand way. After Getting Started, have a look through the wallets and their pros and cons which will provide you a great segway in to the Coinjar Tax Guide. These three webpages, Getting Started, Wallets, and the Tax Guide provide the perfect primer for our first conversation about crypto-assets or Bitcoin Bookkeeping. These documents allow us to communicate with similar crypto-specific language and understanding.

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