Citadel (VPN)

We’re encryption specialists, our Citadel product provides unparalleled VPN security.

A Citadel Server is a private, secure, cloud-based server running services for one user (and that user’s users).

Each Citadel is custom built and can be hosted almost anywhere in the world but every Citadel Server has a few similarities:

  1. Red Hat based operating system (Fedora, CentOS, Rocky)
  2. OpenVPN or Wireguard VPN Server/Client configuration
  3. Largest possible, securely generated, encryption keys
  4. Two-factor authentication enabled by default

Citadel Servers are hand built for each individual order and can be customised to suit your specific needs.

In 2022 the most basic Citadel VPN Server hosted in our preferred location, Netherlands, could cost as little as $20AUD per month.

Citadel Servers are the ultra-secure option in the VPN space. For a generic ‘location switching’ VPN, feel free to contact us for recommendations of other companies providing VPN services.