The bulk of our work is carried out in consultation with our clients however we do have a number of standalone off-the-shelf products available for immediate purchase.

Acropolis – Ultra secure, durable, laptops.

Bulwark – Total business cyber security. Enterprise firewall on all POPs, maybe Failover with managed end-point protection and active monitoring.

Cloud Storage – We offer two different levels of cloud storage, including professional management of S3/B2 style buckets. We run a modified ownCloud for data stored on our own disks at NextDC or nextCloud for cloud storage backed by Amazon S3.

Dox – Our paperless document system. Scan, sort, search, and free your life. For passionate paper eaters like us!

Echelon – Ubiquiti network and surveillance equipment installation. If it is outdoor, it is Ubiquiti for us.

Managed Backup – Active backup, search and destroy (backup). Managed backup is for Cloud Storage clients that require their encryption keys kept separately or that is encrypted in the cloud at all times (where S3 is potential adversary).

Managed Email – Our simple email service, we offer IMAP email only but Australian servers, guaranteed email reputation for ACN holders. Centos mail servers.

Managed Hosting – Virtual or dedicated server/appliance management. We are expert administrators.

Managed Web Hosting – Our LAMP stack product offering. Centos, Apache, Mariadb, PHP. Suitable for people who only require apache and do not require SSH.

Failover – 100% uptime guarantee internet and merchant services. Affordable bulletproof internet for your business.

SMS – We can make anything trigger SMS alerts. We write small scripts that allow you, your team, or your robots send SMS messages automatically.

SMTP Relay – For large scale mail campaigns we are delighted to Aussie ACN holders SMTP Relay access.

Telephony – Our cloud PBX and SIP product offering. Enterprise phone systems at a fraction of the cost. Get prepared for robot callers today!

WordPress Migration – If things get serious and you need your website working, and collecting revenue at all times then you should consider a migration to our LAMP server farm with WordPress Migration. We onboard any website and nestle it in our maintained and monitored website cluster.