Managed Backup

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

If you want something some elegant, or have specific needs, we would love to quote the job speculatively.

Anyone who has had a hard drive fail or a file become corrupted knows the sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you realise the data is gone. The loss of data might mean a swathe of time down the drain or a large fine if those files are needed to meet your regulatory compliance.

Backups are not hard but they can be tedious to manage and tricky to pull off securely.

When we say backups we mean large, commercial backups. If you are looking for a place to store, and safely backup your documents and media, you’re looking for our Cloud Storage system.

Our backup regime is simple, we call it 3-2-1+1. Three copies of your data, in two different formats with one copy offsite (+1 other copy kept off-site for good measure) We can very quickly deploy a complete backup solution in your business that meets your requirement and ensures your data is safe. To do this we ask only 3 simple questions.

1. Where is your data? Usually this answer is very straight forward, it is stored where everyone else stores their data which makes it very easy to quickly move it to the cloud where permissions and versioning are taken care of straight away. You keep copies of your data on every computer but it slowly syncs to the cloud as bandwidth allows which means zero impact on performance but an immediate increase in the security of your data along with the ability to bring back earlier revisions of all your documents.

2. Do you want a centralised on-site backup? If so we recommend you install an actual server, not an off-the-shelf consumer grade device. If you’re going to house backups onsite, (read: have another device burning power all the time) it makes sense to be able to use that device to handle other tasks such as file and print sharing or surveillance and alarm monitoring.

3. Do you need your data stored onshore or can it be stored in the United States? Do you want one copy off-site or 1+1? Offshore, encrypted data backups are now incredibly cheap and whilst we can configure DropBox or Google Drive style services for you, we recommend privately hosted servers for a fraction more per year.

If you have a backup need or if you have recently lost some data and would like some advice on the likelihood that data is recoverable, send us an email.

Similarly if you are in the market for long-term data storage, where a 12 hour retrieval time is acceptable, we don’t think anyone will beat us on price so at least ask the question.

Lastly if you are really serious about a really serious backup then the answer is hourly usingĀ  Restic, so requester pays, S3, B2, or Linode Object Storage.