Managed Email

We offer both Australian and international email hosting.

All our plans include unlimited domains and unlimited mailboxes.

All mail plans include off-site backup.

Please bear in mind you must have a domain name in order to purchase an email plan.

All our services include SoGo webmail and mail forwarding, mail aliases and plus aliasing. Catch-all email addresses and all standard email options are available.

We offer semi-managed email for tech savvy clients who wish to manage their own domains, or simply want access to group-buy pricing.

99% Uptime Guarantee.

We can provide external support for Microsoft 365.

Technical Overview:

In our preferred configuration your email server is a traditional Red Hat Centos 7 mail server, Postfix, Dovecot, MariaDB. We are running dockerised Mailcow and therefore SOGo Webmail, ClamAV and Rspamd scanning, Apache Solr search, Unbound DNS, LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates, netfilter firewall.

We offer the full suite of email security including anti-virus, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.