Failover Internet

Failover is our most popular product.

Losing access to the internet is not a trivial matter for some of us. Not being able to accept American Express even for a single hour can become a costly proposition for a retail business. Not being able to contact your team for an hour could be catastrophic in some safety scenarios.

Connectivity can be critical and our Failover Internet system is the bunker in the wind.

Graph from PfSense Monitoring module

We love writing 100% uptime guarantee proposals >_>

I am very serious about critical connectivity, my servers will survive the collapse of civilisation.

If you have a mission critical application that must be online 24/7, give us a call.

Our failover service can be configured in a number of different ways however is generally 2-5 internet connections (WAN) with at least one internet connection provided via the mobile phone network using a USB modem or 3G/4G enabled router.

These connections are managed by a reslient cluster of HA network devices including firewall, routing, and switching, along with UPS, power, and other redundancy requirements at your request.

The required availability of your services along with the area you are in and the perceived risks will determine what type of system you decide to implement.

If you are considering upgrading the reliability of your connection to the rest of the world or are interested in our Load Balancing service, get in touch with us. We can assess your requirements and build a ballpark quote for you very quickly. If you have an IT team or member of staff that handles your connectivity, get them to call us so that we can give them a pfSense demo.

If you just need one thing to work all all times, EFTPOS! See below!

This premise operates for all digital technology. Have a look at how we leverage redundancy for our merchant services in my blog post.