Please review a sample of our products and services on offer.

Devs is our software development service that often extends into the real world.

Failover is our 100% uptime service. Essentially we prevent blackouts or outages during intense storms, through loss of power, or in extreme temperatures.

Kaizen is our workflow capture, analysis, and modeling regime that promotes continual improvement and efficiency from everyone.

Robots is our API and automation billing category. We manage all types of bots, scripts, machines, all the time. We love maintaining robot armies and teach them to talk to each other.

Seats is our office deployment service. You have staff and need IT, we do that quickly and more cost effectively that most, check out our preferred strategy.

Untangle is the service that gets our boots on the ground in your business. Billed by the hour, untangle is prompt on-site tech support or business management.

Wargames is our playbook of scenarios that you and your business can roleplay from cyber attacks to auditing Pam from accounts.

Wisdom is our regulatory compliance and audit service. We can perform audits or provide and train staff in audit methodology. We can provide fast access to trusted CPA’s and solicitors when time is of the essence.