Bulwark End-Point Protection

Thanks to Hollywood, even the technically inept understand the function and importance of a firewall and for the past decade, cyber-security failures have steadily become more and more common. The failures are more often than not a result of poorly designed systems and under informed robots.

Bulwark is our small-medium enterprise cyber-security solution which includes an enterprise grade firewall, switching, and intrusion detection along with managed end point protection.

The reality of most business firewalls is bleak. Consumer grade devices that have been operating for years and have never received a security patch. They operate with one simple rule, don’t let anything in unless someone on the inside directs you to. The reality of the information security world is that vulnerabilities (often simple mistakes in implementation) are discovered and published every single day with 2017 seeing a massive jump in published vulnerabilities with more than 14,000 in a single year. In most businesses the modem is also the firewall, the only part of your network that is directly accessible by the outside world, so it would seem obvious that it should be the most secure device on your network as it bears the brunt of most automated attacks but when was the last time you updated your firewall? Have you even changed the default password on your router? Does your router open ports at the drop of the hat via UPNP? If you started to investigate these questions you might quickly find out that your 24 month old ISP supplied modem has a critical security vulnerability and needs to be updated, or worse, replaced entirely.

A cost effective firewall, router, and switch product that can operate transparently on your network, providing worry-free protection and the ability to upgrade your network with enterprise grade security features such as network intrusion protection and prevention or network virus-scanning can be built for less than $300.

Anti-virus protection on each of your machines is sometimes the first and last layer of defence against cyber-threats in your business. These robots monitor files and processes, searching for harmful or dangerous actions and preventing or reporting on them. Protection of your machines, your endpoints, in our opinion, is achieved in three distinct parts:

1. The operations system – usually Microsoft Windows, must be kept updated and aware of potential threats. Once a vulnerability is published, an effective adversary can organise an attack using these weaknesses in a matter of hours which is why it is imperative that your systems receive security patches as soon as they are available.

2. Similarly, anti-virus scanners and sandboxing systems must be constantly, incrementally updated against the latest threats. Often all an attacker has to do to infect machines is send out official looking emails within a couple of hours of release to start harvesting data and impacting businesses and consumers.

3. Finally, viruses are robots themselves and can be trained to spread or disable other machines on your network. Monitoring what your anti-virus software reports and acting quickly can mean the difference between a single machine failure and a network wide catastrophe. Having experienced eyes watching and interpreting what your machines are saying or doing on your network often means threats are quarantined and disabled more quickly and with fewer consequences.

Available as an optional extra, Bulwark includes end-point protection and monitoring, providing managed operation system updates, anti-virus protection, sandboxing of suspicious or potentially dangerous files and applications, along with network wide threat monitoring from our Network Operations Centre.

Ask yourself these three questions:

Is my firewall on and being updated regularly?
Is my anti-virus protection capable of protecting my business and is it being updated regularly on all my machines?
Are my operating systems secure and configured to update themselves in a timely manner?

If you do not know the answer to all three of these questions, let us know, a phone call is free and we are happy to provide some quick advice.